Blaizenoak & Cranmil Miniature Schnauzers

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IMPORTANT: Please ensure that you read carefully the “Conditions of Sale” section  as they outline the conditions of sale for purchase of a puppy from me as a family pet. If you wish to buy a show puppy then different conditions apply

"Ali" & "Eden" having fun Swimming at Mornington- Its a dogs life!



I only allow people whom I have spoken to and approved of to come and see the pups and / or place a deposit on a pup. I am not trying to be overly fussy or awkward but Ihave the interests of the puppy in mind. Ineed to be clear that the pup will be loved and well looked after as this is my  top priority


                                      BLAIZENOAK INDIAN SUMMER

                                     'Cheyenne' A Pepper & Salt Pup


The Conditions of Sale for Purchasing a Blaizenoak Miniature Schnauzer

·        I / we agree to care for the new dog or puppy and give it the best life possible, always ensuring that the dog/pup receives adequate veterinary care, regular grooming and daily exercise.


·        I / we acknowledge that we must personally collect or if interstate have the puppy delivered on the due date nominated by breeder.


·        I / we acknowledge the need to spend a lot of time socialising the puppy in the first 4 months of ownership to ensure it grows up into a well rounded adult.


·        I / we agree to take the puppy to puppy pre-school or puppy socialisation classes as soon as possible.


·        I / we will have the puppy vet checked within 72 hours of purchase to confirm that the puppy is healthy and without defect. If I / we choose not to have our puppy vet checked within this time, it is taken as acceptance that the puppy is without defect at the time of purchase.


·        I / we will bring the pup / dog back to the breeder (freshly washed and brushed) for a complimentary clip within 6 weeks of the date of purchase or forfeit my right to a complimentary clip.


·        I / we understand and agree that it is a condition of sale that this dog or puppy is never to be re-sold or given away to any other third party without the breeder’s permission. I / we agree to give the breeder the first right of refusal before disposing of the puppy / dog.


·    I / we understand and agree that the breeder reserves the right to desex any dog or puppy before it leaves for its new home. If the breeder decides to desex the dog or pup before it leaves the breeder’s care then the breeder will incur all associated costs.


·    I / we understand and agree that it is a condition of sale that the puppy must be de-sexed by the time that they are 6 months of age if they are not desexed prior to collection.


·     I / we acknowledge that the pup will be registered on limited register which means that the puppy is purchased as a pet only and is not for showing or breeding purposes.


I / We the undersigned have read the above mentioned information and conditions of sale and agree to be bound by these conditions.

My Promise to the Purchaser's of Blaizenoak Puppies

�        All pups will be sold wormed, vet checked, vaccinated, registered with the VCA and have natural(undocked) tails. 

�        Your pup will be checked by a vet and declared healthy.

�       Upon desexing of your pup and subsequent receipt of desexing certificate, you will be given your pups signed limited registration certificate duly signed to enable you to transfer the papers into your own name should you desire to.

�        I offer a complimentary clip with the pup so you can bring your freshly washed and clean puppy back to us to be clipped within 6 weeks of purchase.

�        If you have your puppy vet checked within 72 hours and a serious health problem (that effects your pups ability to function as a pet) is identified please return the pup with your vet certificate. I will take the pup to my vet and if the health problem is confirmed a full refund will apply. This does not cover abuse or neglect of your pup's basic needs.

�        I offer after sales support and new puppy owners are encouraged to contact me at anytime with any questions that they may have.

�        I Eye Test all breeding stock annually and would not breed from any dog that had any known serious heredity defects.

�         All breeding stock is guaranteed to have a good, sound temperament. I would not breed from any dog that showed any serious flaws in their temperament.

�        Wherever possible I endeavor to have my dogs temperament tested by an independent professional dog trainer.

�        If for ANY reason you cannot keep your dog (at anytime) I will take the pup / dog back and either buy it back from you myself or re-home it on your behalf.

 ï¿½        I can assist you with clipping & grooming should this be required