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 Here are some photo's of Miniature Schnauzers of Pepper & Salt colouring that have been bred by or owned by us both past and present. Not all dogs pictured are currently owned by us but i hope these pictures give you a good idea of the type and quality of dogs that we breed. For more photo's of Pepper & Salt puppies bred by us please have a look at the ' Puppy Photo's' page. 




Summer rules the roost at our home and is fondly known as 'The Queen.' She is a fair and reasonable leader and is adored by everyone, however if Summer finds another dog sitting upon her 'Throne' (her chair) they soon vacate if she gives them 'the look'. Summer is a truly delightful dog who loves all people and dogs alike. She is the proud mother of many beautiful puppies including the resident princess 'Cheyenne.'



Hayley is another beautiful daughter of Ebshine Personality Plus (Pete).



Kosi is litter brother to Cheyenne and is a son of Pete and Summer. Kosi is a VERY handsome young man.



Ali is a lovely pepper & salt bitch standing at 13 inches tall. Her father is the successful Aust Champion Koobalies Got the Lot who resides in Queensland. Her pedigree includes top American lines. Ali is the proud mother of 'Hayley'

Blaizenoak All Summer Long


Jane with one of her lovely puppies

 Left: Rose, Middle: Jane, Right: Hamish in the puppy pen at a dog show